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Program Spotlight: The Hun School of Princeton
Josh Clark
DeBartolo Sports University spotlights The Hun School of Princeton, New Jersey. Under head coach Dave Dudeck, The Hun School ranks as one of the premier post-graduate programs on the east coast.

Dave Dudeck is currently in his 10th season as head football coach at The Hun School of Princeton.

Coach Dudeck and his family have long been involved within the Princeton community.

Coach Dudeck is a Lieutenant with the Princeton Borough Police Department, where he has been a police officer for 25 years. Before taking over at The Hun School in 1999, Dudeck was the head coach of Princeton High School from 1995-1998, and was the associate head coach from 1989-1995.

During his tenure as head coach at The Hun School, Coach Dudeck has sent more than 60 athletes to the Division I and I-AA levels while compiling. He also led The Hun School to three Mid-Atlantic Prep League championships (2002, 05', and 07'). His squad finished an undefeated 9-0 last season.

"The kid start camp the last week of August, and we practice three times a day," said Dudeck. "The third session is light, but they sleep here, we feed them, and have them all day. We break camp two weeks before the start of the first game."

"I'm blessed to have the kids I have in this program. They have relentless work habits; they'll run through a wall for you. Starting in January, three times a week we start at 6 a.m. They'll come in and run, workout, go get a shower, get breakfast, and go to school for the day. They're great kids; they work hard."

Many of the athletes participate in more than just football at The Hun School.

"I'm a coach that encourages other sports," said Dudeck. "I like them being active and playing as many sports as they can. There will be a time for them to specialize in one."

The Hun School is off to a 3-2 start in 2008 while dealing with injuries to key seniors.

Coach Dudeck spoke candidly with DeBartolo Sports University regarding his current roster and their future potential.

LB/S Donald Coleman (6-0, 210-pounds)
"Solid body. Vicious hitter. Plays hard. Plays as a RB and LB. Probably a strong safety in college. Fast and very, very good hitter. First year in the program. Comes from very successful program in high school program in Michigan (Orchard St. Mary's).

WR Travis Keating (6-1, 185-pounds)
“Wonderful young man out of Woodlands, Texas. Going to the US Naval Academy next year. Does everything we ask him to do. Plays WR, FS, even came in and kicked for us this year. Came back for 5th year in order to gain admittance into Navy. Has great hands; catches the ball very well.

TE Eli Tenuta (6-3, 225-pounds)
“Came to us from Maryland. He is the nephew of (current Notre Dame defensive coordinator) John Tenuta. Leader by example; more of a silent kid. Great size. Plays TE. Runs and blocks well. He should receive strong looks on the D1-AA level."

UTIL Nick Williams (5-10, 180-pounds)
“Phenomenal young man. Will do whatever it takes to help the team. Has played CB, FS, FS, WR, RB – has numerous touchdowns off kick and punt returns. Tremendous athlete; tremendous player. Has been a starter on varsity since his freshman year which is rare here. He deserves a chance in some division one program.”

LB Brian Leffler (6-1, 225-pounds)
“Been together for two years. Great young man. Ivy League grades. Furious on the field. Smarts know where the play is going, has a nose for it, plays MLB and FB. In crunch time, you can count on him.”

DT Tyler Stockton (6-0, 280-pounds)
“Phenomenal, phenomenal football player. Been a phenomenal part of our football program for his whole high school career. He plays the game of football as it should be played. He plays hard, he plays hurt, he never takes time off. He beats double-teams, triple-teams. He is very, very good. That is why he’s been offered by everyone across the country. He’s very recruiting savvy, knew all the coaches from the west coast to east coast, when he began narrowing his list down. When he visited Notre Dame, he felt a spirit there, plus he’ll receive a great education.”

OL Nolan MacMillan (6-6, 275-pounds)
“Right now, a well kept secret. He’s absoluetely huge. He moves people out. He’s more of an offensive player. Perfect size to be a D1 offensive tackle. Furious player. If I had to find a knack him, and this is me being picky, he’s got to move his feet a bit better.”

OL/DL Anthony LaLota (6-5, 265-pounds)
“Just an endless amount of potential. Runs like a deer; doesn’t get tired. He’s relentless just keeps going after the ball. Could play offensive or defensive tackle. Ton of potential. Only played 12 games of football in his entire life. He continues to learn, and a kid that has Ivy League grades, as well.”

OL Drew Wilkens (6-4, 285-pounds)
“Real good player. He’s going to work himself into being a very good football player, but that will come (and he knows this) to work his body to get in better shape, lose baby fat, and put on some more muscle. He'll have to keep working on his feet which he’s be doing with our line coach, John Law. Coach Law formerly played offensive line at Rutgers Univeristy and does a great job with our kids. Drew was a great addition that transferred into the program this year.”

QB Brendan Dudeck (5-10, 170-pounds)
“Started at cornerback as a sophomore. This year, he's playing both ways and is our starting quarterback. He’s fast and he knows the game as you’d expect being a coach’s son being around this his whole life. He’s relentless and keeps on coming after ya. Has a knack for the game.”

OL John Law (6-1, 230-pounds)
“Did a great job as a sophomore at center. Starting there again this year, also playing defensive end. He’s growing, he’s 220-plus now, and I think he’ll continue to grow.”

RB/LB Josiah Williams (5-11, 225-pounds)
“A lot of potential like an Anthony LaLota because of his size and speed. Has a body of a grown man. He’s a shade under 6-0 and right around 230. He’s learning, we have 3 very good LB’s right now, but watch out when the light bulb comes on for him.”

OL Shane McCullough (6-3, 245-pounds)
“He's a junior that is contributing. Playing offensive guard. Works very, very hard to get better.”

WR Chris Alston (6-2, 185-pounds)
“Transferred in this year as a repeat – from Georgetown Prep in the D.C area – he’ll have an extra year. Has good burst; good hands. He’s building a good rapport with Brendan.”

WR De Oliver Davis (6-2, 155-pounds)
“Another kid that transferred in this year – from Philadelphia – broke his leg in the pre-season. We’ll have to wait until next year to see him, but we’re excited about him.”

CB Julian Dandridge (5-10, 165-pounds)
“Fought real hard through camp, nailed down a starting corner spot. His strongest asset is his speed. Working everyday to become better and better, and by next year, I believe he’ll be a known guy.”

OL AJ Zuttah (6-1, 290-pounds)
“Last of the Zuttah brothers (Jeff played at the University of Miami and Jeremy currently plays at Rutgers University). He stands right now at 6-1, 290 and what I’ve seen from all the Zuttah brothers is they eventually grow to 6-6, 290. John Law, our line coach will be working with AJ for the next two years. Coach Law is a former offensive lineman at Rutgers and does a great job working with the kids. We’re excited about AJ’s future.”

OL/DL Brennan Foley (5-11, 200-pounds)
“Plays linebacker and center for our junior varsity squad. He is contributing on special teams. Slowly but surely working his way up waiting to get a shot, and I think he will.”

QB David Dudeck (5-10, 155-pounds)
“People are going to think I’m nuts, but I promise you I don’t give my kids that much credit. David’s got some talent, though. Getting in the varsity rotation as a freshman as a WR/DB. He also plays quarterback, and starts on our junior varsity team, but he’ll have to wait for his shot on varsity."

TE/LB Philip Pecora
“Very tall, lean. Plays tight end and linebacker. You know when you see kids who just get it, and he’s a kid that gets it.”
OL Wendy Laurent
“Big, strong kid. Wasn’t allowed to play in most of the little leagues because he was too big. Now he’s getting a chance to play, he’s doing very well.”

Other Athletes to Watch
ATH Mikerson Laurent (6-3, 180-pounds)
RB Mark Bergen (6-0, 170-pounds)
OL/DL Thomas Summners (6-4, 245-pounds)
OL./DL Matthew O'Brien (6-2, 225-pounds)
WR William Mooney (5-11, 190-pounds)
RB Jonathan Simmons (5-11, 185-pounds)
OL Levan Chubinishvili (6-0, 245-pounds)
WR Stephan Jones (6-2, 155-poudns)
RB/DB Jared Hassman (5-11, 160-pounds)
WR Kemji Ohayia (5-8, 155-pounds)

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